alghero escursioni in barca

Alghero Escursioni in Barca offers a unique experience to immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the Porto Conte – Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area, one of the most fascinating and evocative natural parks in Sardinia.

You will experience the exploration of this natural treasure in a completely original and unforgettable way

Our boat

alghero escursioni in barca

Sail in style aboard a 12-meter yacht, characterized by an elegant design and equipped with all comforts. This exclusive yacht is equipped with:

  • 2 powerful engines, each with 260 horsepower
  • 2 cozy cabins
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • bathroom
  • outdoor shower with hot and cold water

Why Choose Us: A Unique Experience in the Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area!

Choosing us means immersing yourself in an extraordinary day at sea, where every detail is designed to offer you an unforgettable experience. With a small group of up to 10 people on board, we will take you to exclusive places, far from common tourist routes.

  • Reach paradise aboard our boat: from dives in crystal-clear waters to exclusive hidden bays, we will take you to places where others dare not go. Our boat is your means to discover the magic of Alghero and the beauty of its bay

  • Taste and delights on board: your day will be accompanied not only by the beauty of the sea, but also by good food. Enjoy Sardinian delicacies, from local cheeses to fresh bottarga, accompanied by fine wines and other delights.

  • History, culture, and nature: with us, not only will you enjoy the sun and the sea, but you will also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Alghero and its rich natural environment. Our expert guides will share captivating stories as you explore the magnificent bay.

    • Comfort and relaxation: on board, you will enjoy comfortable spaces to tan under the warm Sardinian sun or to relax in the shade during the afternoon. Our boat provides comfort, ensuring that every moment spent with us is characterized by relaxation and serenity

  • Explore the sea with snorkeling and SUP: on board, we provide you with all the equipment you need to experience the thrill of snorkeling and paddle boarding in the crystal-clear waters of the archipelago. Get ready to immerse yourself in a fascinating underwater world and glide through the waves in style with our Stand Up Paddle!